Dear Dr. K., Gail and Kelly,
I am writing to thank you for your excellent care of Muffet.
Today, when Dr. K. declared her free of diabetic symptoms (no sugar!) was a banner day! As I told Gail, I didn’t need my car, as I could have flown home on wings of joy!
Feelings of expertise, compassion, understanding and genuine caring fill your clinic. I brought Muffet in with itches, sores and allergies. She is now her beautiful self!
I thank you over and over.
Janet Morey


We brought our fifteen year old Shih Tzu to see Dr. Klenofsky on 16 March 2016 through a friend’s referral. Our little dog had been suffering for more than three months with itching and fur loss. We had made many trips to our past veterinary clinic seeking a cure; however, they misdiagnosed him at each visit. During the first visit with Dr. Klenofksy, he immediately had our dog’s illness diagnosed. The doctor spent one full hour explaining our dog’s health issues and the prescribed remedy. Our dog had contracted sarcoptic mange, most likely at the groomer. Dr. Klenofsky explained that if groomers do not clean their tools between each dog, the next dog can become infected. Our dog quickly began to feel better after we began the prescribed regimen by Dr. Klenofsky. Dr. Klenofsky’s wife, Gail, was also available during our dog’s healing process to quickly answer any of our questions and concerns. Gail’s compassionate and generous demeanor truly helped to calm our anxieties.

Four weeks later our little dog was again seen by Dr. Klenofsky, and he is completely cured of mange. We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Klenofsky, his wife, Gail, and our friend who referred us to Forum Veterinary Clinic. We will continue to take our dog to Dr. Klenofsky’s practice. His professionalism and knowledge are outstanding. We highly recommend his services.

The Bischof Family


Let me just say I could not be happier with Dr. Klenofsky (Dr. K). My dog had been suffering for at least 3 years with allergies. He had the runny eyes, licking of paws, ear inflections, major skin issues and as time went on they kept getting worse and the current meds were not helping anymore. I found Dr. K on the internet and after reading all the reviews I wanted to give it a try. Well it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. We were in his office maybe 2 minutes before he said my dog had food allergies. After putting him on some meds and changing his food I saw great results. After only 3 weeks, my dog went off of everything except for Apoquel (which hopefully will happen in the next 2 months) and he is so much happier and his skin has all cleared up with no more runny eyes either. I would highly recommend him for pet allergies, he has truly helped my dog live a much more comfortable life. Thank you Dr. K.

Diane Van Velkinburgh


Our Siberian husky,

Our family wants to thank Dr. Klenofsky and Forum Veterinary Clinic for healing our Siberian Husky for a skin condition he had been suffering with for over 8 months. Kodiak is a beautiful dog with beautiful blue eyes that has been part of our family for 4 years. He belongs to our daughter who is away at college. Last Spring, she noticed his eyes started crusting above and below and also places around his ears and under his chin. These areas caused itching and he would scratch them to the point of bleeding. We were seeing a vet who tried several diagnosis but none brought healing. We then switched to another vet who was also at a loss – in fact, wanted to perform surgery for a blocked tear duct. The night before surgery we realized that this could not be a correct solution since the eyes were crusty on top of eyelid. All this time, Kodi remained in a cone to prevent his scratching and infection. Finally, my wife researched the web and found Forum Veterinary and during the first visit, Dr. K was able to give an accurate diagnosis and correct medication to stop the itching, prevent infection and heal. It was discovered that he suffered from a zinc deficiency and although we had been told that before, he was not being given an adequate dosage to heal the deficiency . Within one week, we could leave the cone off Kodi and at his two week check-up, we were told by Dr. K that he was 100% better. It is so nice to pet his face and feel soft skin again and to know he is no longer suffering from the itching. We are so grateful for Dr. K’s expertise and for returning our Kodi to his beautiful self again!

Kannady Family


"Dear Dr. Klenofsky and Staff,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My wife and I are completely at a loss for words in showing our gratitude for your superior service and medical professionalism. Our Sophia has been part of our family since she was a baby pup almost 12 years now. Only our oldest children Zach, Bella and Niko were really the only one that got to play with Sophia and saw her run, turn and roll on her back in paly motion. For the last couple years we thought that Sophia was at her final stages of life due to what seemed to be incurable medical problems. Her quality of life as it appeared was deplorable. She slept a lot, the kids stopped paying attention to her and she seemed to just be suffering from skin and ear problems that only kept getting worse. We tried many recommended shampoos and even some shots to cure her but the solutions were only temporary. Her problems kept returning.

After my last return from a Military deployment recently, I noticed a very sad and empty almost lifeless 20 pound furry corner decoration. Sophia just got noticeably worse. Sophia’s open sores were not healing. All she did was lay at a corner away from the family. Her belly hot spots, eyes and ears just seemed to have taken complete control of her actions and emotions. Sophia stopped barking at the door bell and when strangers come in the door. She was not alive it seemed like. She was clearly not the same dog and you can tell she was just suffering from her condition. I am so glad we had our discussion about Sophia. I am very grateful to you for taking a proactive interest in her condition asking me to bring her in. Dr Klenofsky, at one point just a couple months ago, I was ready to put her to sleep. I had made an appointment to get it done but I could not sleep all night as she has been a big part of us. I did not know what to do with her but I knew that I could not put her to sleep.

Dr Klenofsky, you saved our precious Sophia. Thank you! Thanks to you she is like a totally new dog. Our neighbors, our kids and even my wife and I have catch ourselves saying is that really Sophia? She certainly is alive now Doc. Thanks to your aggressive therapeutic and medical approach to solving her conditions. She just looks happy and very much alive now. When we walk her she prances like she used to, she stops to smell the landscape, grass and flowers. It’s amazing how she just seems to be like a new dog. And the younger kids, Lucy and Benjamin are having a blast with her and hugging her now. Thank you Sir! We love you Dr Klenofsky! Thanks a million.

Bella and Sophie

I have not seen this interaction in over five years.


The Maldonado’s
Hector, Maria, Zach, Bella, Niko, Lucy and Benjamin


“They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future.”


"To Dr. K. & for everyone at Forum Vet Clinic –

I wanted to send a note to everyone at Forum to say THANK YOU & tell and tell you how much of an impact you have had on our lives. I originally found your office by searching on the internet. My Golden Retriever, Collee, was 10 years old and suffering from allergies. The medicine my old vet kept prescribing was not working. She was so uncomfortable & her eyes only got worse!

Dr. K – you gave me my Collee back! The meds and new food you prescribed did the trick! At 10 years old, she became puppy like! She has energy to run & play again! My 6 year old son got to experience so many great moments with her. I can still hear him belly laughing as he watched her ‘crazy run’ in our backyard. Memories like that mean the world to me and will be with my son & I for a life time.

When I came to Forum, I originally intended it to be for her allergies. Little did I know that I would like your office & staff so much that you would become our full time vet!


Christine & William LaCroix"


“They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future.”


“I always get sound, helpful, and completely unbiased advice!”


“Dr. Klenofsky has been our family vet for over 20 years. His kindness and dedication to animal welfare and comfort, as well as his quality of service both in the operating room and with the client, are something to be admired. Your pet will receive only the best care from him and his staff! He has treated almost a dozen furry members of our family, and they would all give him an enthusiastic Paws Up!”.


"Dear Dr. Klenofsky,

A little over a year ago Miss Elle developed spots on her back with hair loss and she was constantly licking her paws to the point of hair lose and looking raw. She was being treated by a local veterinary who was prescribing steroids and other drugs which she did respond to for awhile. Within a month the problem would return. We tried this treatment two different times and that was enough. Shortly thereafter we were visiting Susan’s sister and she recommended you.

Back in November of last year we took Miss Elle to see you and after blood test and skin biopsies, your diagnosis was an allergy to something in her environment causing the skin rash. You recommended some medication and a medicated shampoo. Within a couple of days we began seeing significant improvement in her coat and behavior and after a couple of weeks she was completely healed. No longer did she lick her paws or try to scratch her back. It has now been four months and Miss Elle is a much happier dog.

We are so appreciative for you and your staff for their warm heartfelt care, consideration and knowledge for their patients. They are the best. I highly recommend Dr. Klenofsky and Forum Veterinary Clinic, L.L.C. Thank you.


Mike Jackson"


After watching my dog suffer with constant feet licking, head shaking due to ear itchiness and multiple skin infections I decided it was time for us to seek the help of a qualified veterinarian who was well educated in dermatology. After searching the internet, I saw Dr. Klenofsky’s website at Forum Veterinary Clinic and found it to be very informative so I decided to call and schedule an appointment for our chow, Cubby. When I called to make the appointment, Gail was very informative and told me what I needed to do to prepare for my appointment with Dr. Klenofsky and the information I needed to gather regarding what Cubby was currently eating, treats he was given and medications he was taking. Our first appointment was on May 23, 2015 and I was so very impressed with Dr. Klenofsky. He did a thorough examination of Cubby’s ears, skin, feet, etc. and spent well over an hour with us! It was the most thorough and informative veterinarian examination that Cubby had ever had for his skin problems. Dr. Klenofsky determined a plan of action and away we went with our new food, treats and a few supplements to help Cubby feel better. At our follow-up appointment on April 18, 2015 Cubby was doing better and his ears looked great and no further skin irritation was found and he had not been licking his feet which was always a huge problem and one that constantly landed us at his regular veterinarian which always led to treatment with steroids. I was tired of giving Cubby steroids since it only helped for a little while and then we were back to the same problems. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Klenofsky to anybody that is looking for a qualified dermatologist to help get to the bottom of their pet’s allergy problems. He will spend the time needed to come up with a treatment plan and will explain everything along the way! He is very dedicated, thorough and hands-on. Thank you, Dr. Klenofsky, for the help Cubby needed for his skin allergies!

Cubby Rahjes


Dr. Klenofsky and Staff,

I couldn’t figure out how to post tor your website, and because this note is quite lengthy, I thought I would send this your way if you care to share with the rest of the world or your current/potential clients.

First of all, my little but mighty 6 lb. grey tabby “Smokey” is the best pet I’ve ever had. I was always a “dog” person until I was coaxed by friends to consider getting a cat, as I’m employed full-time and not home much. “Cats are easy” I was told. Not knowing much about them, but being a responsible pet owner, I read as much about them as I could and asked a lot of questions of people that I knew who had cats.

I found her sitting in the lap of young lady at an Adopt-A-Stray event 15 years ago. She seemed so calm and unaffected by all of the people walking by and staring. I took her home and spent the entire evening with her shaking her head and scratching all night long. I took her to the local area vet and was told she had very bad case of ear mites and she didn’t look to be very healthy. They guessed her age to be 1 year old. After an ear cleansing and a check up, I took her back home after scheduling an appointment for a front declaw. The head shaking didn’t stop and the scratching continued. After the declaw, her paws were swollen so badly she could hardly walk. Back to the vet’s office for removal of stitches, medicine, and a redo with an inert plastic material that is used in eyelid surgeries. I was told she was an allergic cat.

Over the next year, I took her to just about every vet in town trying to fix her ear problem as her ear kept getting infected with an accumulating abundance of fluid. I had many suggestions to Smokey’s issue(s), “ scar tissue in the ear from the mites”, “not sure what it is”, “you need to see a specialist to have her inner ear canal removed”, to “you might consider putting her down”. Let me tell you, the last listed suggestion really ticked me off. First year costs - $1,500 in vet bills with no solution. So…. off i went to buy QTips. I started my own process of swabbing Smokey’s ear twice a day to extract the fluid and to hopefully stop the infections and stop the cycling of Baytril. 14 years of twice, sometimes more, daily ear cleanings. Smokey tolerated so much over those years.

After my fiancé and I moved to Chesterfield, I started looking for a new vet. I found Dr. K on the internet and made an appointment. Dr. K. used his camera scope (I don’t know the proper name of the equipment), and low and behold, showed me the mass in her inner ear. Dr. K suggested removal, but I was so gun-shy of yet another diagnosis that I hesitated to do the procedure. A few months later, Smokey cam down with a really bad infection in the ear, she stopped eating and drinking, and lost her balance to even walk. She was weak and going downhill fast. I rushed her back to Dr. K. He flushed the ear and removed the mass that was almost totally blocking her ear drum.


One Day After The Surgery…. Smokey was eating, drinking, walking and being her noisy self again. No head shaking, no scratching.

Dr. K is truly the best vet I’ve encountered. He is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable in his craft, and saved my cat’s life. I can now look forward to spending more time with Smokey. I wish I had found Dr. K a long time ago, but at least (we) found him. Now my best pet will have a better quality of life even at the ripe old age of 15.

Thanks Doc!

Suzanne and Smokey Pruett