Pet Surgical Care

Forum Veterinary Clinic has professional medical management and surgical care to fit your pet’s needs.

Dr. Klenofsky has many years of experience in diagnosing and discussing medical management with you. Forum Veterinary Clinic offers complete and efficient in-house lab services, with most blood results available in minutes. We are fully equipped for routine surgical procedures such as spaying and neutering, as well as more major procedures including Gl exploratories, bladder stone removal, and orthopedics (including knee surgeries).

Animals experience many similar internal medical conditions as do people. These include heart, intestinal, orthopedic, glandular (endocrinology), and cancer. If your cat or dog is vomiting or has diarrhea our doctor can help with this too.

Heart disease in pets is common. We want to help your beloved friend live a long and healthy life. Forum Veterinary Clinic can help you stay on top of your pet’s health, guide you in the ways to help your pet maintain a healthy heart, and help you recognize the signs of heart disease for early detection and diagnosis.

Digestive (Intestinal) health is an integral part to your pet’s immune system. The digestive system is essential to maintain a strong immune system for both cats and dogs. In fact, 70% of your pet’s immune system is in the digestive tract. Most pet digestive disorders occur because of the pet’s diet. Please don’t hesitate to bring your pet in or call us if your pet shows signs of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or pain. Getting a diagnosis as soon as possible is important with any digestive symptoms; we can then determine the best way to help your pet.

Pet orthopedic surgery is sometimes necessary. Forum Veterinary Clinic is able to give diagnostic evaluations if your pet is showing signs of bone or joint discomfort, deterioration, or in need of correction. Our clinic is equipped to perform orthopedic surgery and procedures on your cats and dogs.

Your pet’s endocrinology (the study of hormones) and glands affect their overall health. Dr. Klenofsky can help you understand how hormones and glands control your pet’s different body systems and identify any imbalances.

There are numerous signs in pets with hormonal imbalance including abnormality in behavior or energy, excessive panting, weight loss or gain, and even skin disorders. Understanding the various glands in your pet is also essential.

Cancer is the #1 disease causing death to pets. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are more susceptible to cancer. Early detection is vital to the success rate and recovery of your pet. Regular check-ups are important in early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Annual blood screenings can detect problems before they turn into something more serious. Forum Veterinary Clinic in Chesterfield, MO can perform additional diagnostic testing to rule out cancer.

Spay and neuter procedures should be routine for all pets. Cats and dogs should be spayed or neutered early to avoid certain complications later in life including certain cancers, enlarged prostate, and uterine infections.

Together with Dr. Klenofsky an assessment of your pet’s history and health problems can be documented. This is a critical step in determining the cause so that the proper treatment can be given.