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Animal Radiology

Forum Veterinary Clinic recognizes radiology as an essential tool to diagnose your pet.

Pet radiology is valuable to veterinary medicine. Your pet’s vet needs to be able to see inside the pet’s body to identify a condition or disease and recommend a course of action and treatment.

These days, most of the types of imaging that is done on humans can also be done on pets. Forum Veterinary Clinic has radiographic (x-ray) capabilities on site. This allows us to obtain an immediate assessment to help diagnose your pet’s medical problem, and determine the best method of treatment.

Radiography is safe, and painless; very low doses of radiation are used. It is remarkable what can be discovered without surgery when imaging equipment is used. Our clinic uses radiographs to evaluate bones and the organs in your pet’s body. The size, shape, and position of many of the body's organs can change due to different conditions and diseases including cancer and intestinal blockage. Kidney, heart, or liver disease can alter the size of organs. Some tumors can also be detected using radiography.

Radiography can also be used to diagnose the need for the procedures that Dr. Klenofsky and our clinic perform such as bladder stones, broken bones, chronic arthritis, and other conditions.

We are pleased to be able to offer an in-house radiology service especially for those pets in pain or that require emergency care. We are able to review the images with the pet owner immediately, explain our findings, and present treatment options.

We also have available a board certified radiologist to perform ultrasound studies of our patients if it becomes necessary. Ultrasound provides a painless, non-invasive internal examination.