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Pet Dental Care

Dental health affects your pet’s overall health.

Everyone likes to eat, including our furry friends. Good dental care is imperative for overall health, wellbeing and certainly eating. Therefore it is imperative that you not only watch what your pet eats, but how he eats it. Forum Veterinary Clinic located in Chesterfield, Missouri, with Dr. Lawrence Klenofsky can help with your pet's oral needs and keep him wagging his tail or purring for years to come.

Just as there are for humans, there are some warning signs concerning pet dental health. Bad breath is one indicator along with drooling, broken teeth, lack of grooming in cats, and bleeding in the gums. More serious problems include lethargy and refusal to eat or to play with toys. Oral infections and disease can seed problems in the kidneys, heart and intestinal tract which can lead to overall illness and malaise. 

Dr. Klenofsky endorses thorough dental exams throughout your pet's life to help off-set more serious problems as companion animal’s age. It is recommended that puppies and kittens start early with oral care; this is easily accomplished when brought in for vaccinations or well pet check-ups. A quick check of a puppy or kitten's gum lines will ensure that a smooth transition from mother's milk to soft or solid food is completed. Forum Veterinary Clinic can teach a pet owner how to help prevent gum and teeth disease. Learning some simple home procedures for oral care for your pet, such as brushing, along with regular vet check-ups will eliminate many ailments down the road. Please be sure to never use toothpaste other than that which is specifically made for pets.

By 6 months of age, most pets have shed their baby teeth and their adult teeth, 42 teeth in dogs and 30 teeth in cats, are in place. Problems can arise if the baby teeth do not fall out properly before the adult teeth grow in. Should this occur, it could lead to greater tartar formation, gingival or gum irritation and malocclusion complications. Even by the age of three years, a pet can show signs of dental decay or periodontal disease. Forum Veterinary Clinic offers complete service dental examinations and cleanings, to help your pet enjoy a full and active life. 

There are occasions though when a comprehensive cleaning by a vet is absolutely necessary. Before his appointment for cleaning, recommendations may include blood work or use of antibiotics if there is infection, to insure your pet's best outcome. Dental scaling, cleaning and polishing can be accomplished in a short time under mild anesthesia. Your pet will be home, licking his bowl clean in no time.

Of course the best care is preventative care but when there is a greater need, Dr. Klenofsky at Forum Veterinary Clinic is ready to help. As pets age, their oral care can become more involved. Like their human counterparts, senior pets can suffer from periodontal disease, loss of teeth, and more rapid gum deterioration. The earlier the disease is found, the easier it is to remedy. Forum Veterinary Clinic can offer tips on diet and hygiene to promote dental health for the senior dog or cat, and when necessary, also perform any indicated procedure. 

One of the most important services for a healthy, happy pet is routine dental care. Pets, like all of us, like to eat, and dental health is key in promoting a healthy appetite. Forum Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Lawrence Klenofsky offers an excellent dental care program for pets in the Chesterfield and St. Louis, Missouri area. Feel free to bring your pet care questions to your next appointment; Dr. Klenofsky wants to offer his assistance and answer them. Ask us what you can do to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.